I Am A Creative Progressive Professional

"Jack of all trades, but master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one."

Currently based in Denver, CO

A bit about me...

Hey there, welcome to my little website all about me. My name is Tyler, and I like pretty much all things related to technology, science, nature, and the humanities. I'm the type of person who will go on a 25 mile backpacking trip one weekend and then finish a website side project while binge watching documentaries the next. The purpose of this website is to showcase my expertise in order to attract potential advisory positions, joint ventures, collaborators, and professional friends. The lighthearted nature of my words here is an honest reflection of my personality. 

I am the oldest son of a corporate banker turned local gadget shop owner father, and an aesthetically gifted interior designer mother. Being immersed in either technology, creativity, or both has been a constant throughout my life. I often find myself devising ways to dissect and improve the underlying process of whatever I'm focusing on at the moment, while also remaining open and receptive to changes or criticism. This mindset has led me to experience a wide variety of things and to acquire a multitude skills.

My Experience

My Education

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My Recommendations

Kyle Luke


"Tyler is a leader in the workforce, owning his management role at WebAct and taking the company to new heights. Throughout my time there we gained a large number of clients, projects, and even services performed and Tyler was able to navigate the staffing and project flow to ensure high quality and timely work was completed. His organization was unparalleled and he was able to keep on top of the fast work pace while still keeping in contact with any client inquiry at any time of day. He is also fun to work with, easy to talk to, and cares a lot about his employees."

Beth Sankey


 "Tyler is a true leader in the professional work field. During my time at WebAct with Tyler, he managed and excelled in a wide variety of departments. These departments ranged anywhere from design team management and project management, to IT support, to client interactions. Tyler is very knowledgeable in everything that he does, and always took the time to thoroughly explain any questions that his clients or team would ask. I can confidently say that Tyler will continue to excel in any position, and for any company that he is part of." 

Easton Smith


"Tyler was for years an integral part of my online development, focusing on the production of multiple streams of passive leads. He developed personalized programs to reduce repetitive computer actions and through this we were able to not only be able to maximize our staff at the time, but reduce our need for additional hires. As a coordinator for us he was able to successfully monitor multiple projects simultaneously while insuring we were able to notify our clients of additional needed work."

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Currently available for co-founder opportunities, advisory positions, and any other professional connections or inquires.