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"Jack of all trades, but master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one."

Currently based in Denver, CO

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Hey there, welcome to my little website all about me. My name is Tyler, and I like pretty much all things related to technology, science, nature, and the humanities. The purpose of this website is to showcase my expertise in order to attract potential job offers, joint ventures, collaborators, and professional friends. The lighthearted nature of my words here is an honest reflection of my personality. I am the oldest son of a corporate banker turned local gadget shop owner father, and an aesthetically gifted interior designer mother. Being immersed in either technology, creativity, or both has been a constant throughout my life. I often find myself devising ways to improve the underlying process of whatever I'm focusing on at the moment, while also remaining open and receptive to changes or criticism. This mindset has led me to experience a wide variety of things and to acquire a wide variety of skills. If I could live forever, I would probably try to learn everything. 

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